→ KASEY (mademoiselle_a) wrote in lifetime_tv,

Mom at Sixteen

There was a movie that came out in 2005, a Lifetime movie called Mom at Sixteen

I really like the song that is played at the very beginning and NEED to find out what it is called.  At one time on the lifetime website it said it was called Proud to Love You by Leigh Nash, she is the lead singer from Sixpence None the Richer.  But I have tried for years to find it and can't.  But what I found looks like it could be called Proud to Lose You.

Here is what I think the lyrics are.  This is the first line of the long.

i love you with a fearless heart, so why am I afraid, I know that I can't change your course, but there is no other way, you're walking through an open door, I can only watch you leave, this heart will always be your home, _____ sail away from me, i'm proud to lose you, it's hard to let you go, i'm proud to lose you, you're beautiful alone. 

Any clue?

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