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I cannot believe Strong Medicine is over! This is not good. I didn't particularly like how it ended. Now I have to just use my imagination and tell myself everything worked out fine and everyone lived happily ever after! Yes, that sounds good. But this show was a good version of ER. ER is going down hill (don't shoot me if you love ER) and Strong Medicine was the medical show I could watch and get my fix. I loved Lana. She was my favorite. I'm glad Kayla and Briggs are engaged, but how it happened.. not exactly great. I always thought when it happened (yes, I knew it would some day lol) it would be better, not over the top or anything, but better you know? So yes, I am sad. I hope it all comes out on DVD though so I can catch up on anything I might have missed.

Missing was.. wow. I didn't ever catch who the blonde in Jess' visions are. She is/was apparently real at one time and working with the FBI.. still I am not getting this at all. I've missed some (apparently important) episodes, so I probably missed the ones that explained all I need to know like who she is and why she is now a vision. Can someone fill me in? I cannot believe they killed off Antonio. I am still in shock, I was SO happy that he and Nicole were giving it another shot, then it just hit me when he said he could drive home that his car was going to blow up and then boom, it did. I am a little worried they are going to replace him with some crappy new person. I don't want to see him go :(. Why has Pollock been acting like such a hard ass meanie though? I did miss like, the first probably half to 3/4 of the show, but I caught as many reruns as I could, still, I never got why he was harder and meaner this season. Maybe it was me..

Any ideas when Missing will air again? Summer or are we going to have to wait or what? I never know when all this is going to happen lol.
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Did Lu's baby live, and what did she have/name the baby?
The baby lived, it was a girl and she named it a spanish name that means miracle, but I can't pronounce or spell it lol. Her hubby had to do a C section with an exacto knife and she passed out at one point, but then everyone at Rittenhouse(sp) was at the house and the blonde doctor with the teenage daughter went down and was giving instructions, I am not sure wheather he took over or not, but he must have at one point because he came up with the baby.
Wow, sounds good.....hopefully they'll repeat it. Thanks!
I hope they repeat it too. I hope the show comes out on DVD!
The blonde in Jess' vision was Janie. She played an FBI agent who was Antonio's assistant for the first half of the season. Her and Jess never got along, just a personality clash, and Jess thought she was a goody-two-shoes, telling Pollock things behind their backs. Janie was killed in one of the eps, and since then, she's been popping up in Jess' visions, giving her warnings and sort of mocking her.
Wow, like legit warnings? It would explain why at the end of the finale she told Jess she was making a mistake, possibly because she thought she could save Antonio.
Her appearances in the visions were always sort of mocking. In the beginning, Jess thought she was being haunted because she never liked Janie. But then she realized Janie was giving her real clues. Even so, Janie always kinda of just...mocked her in the visions, giving her clues, but playing up the fact that Jess never liked her. So the vision at the end of the ep plays right into that. Gives an interesting scenario for next season. I can see Jess feeling guilty for not paying attention to the warning, thinking that if she had, she might have saved Antonio.
I was thinking that about the guilt thing too. Janie made it seem like you're making a mistake (the legit part) then she said something about her never knowing the clues or something (I was to caught up on everything else going on, but that would be the mocking part). I wonder if the guy Jess went with might be a mistake as well though. It could go a couple ways. I'm worried about Nicole too. After losing Antonio, I don't think she'll be doing well at all.
Lu named her baby girl Milagro it's spanish for miracle.